Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning


The City of Charleston Century V Plan (PDF) emphasizes the need for a transportation network that includes all modes of travel. As the Charleston area grows, it is increasingly important to plan for bicycle and pedestrian access through the City and the region. Bicycle parking is located in the parking

Necessary Element

Access for bicycles and pedestrians is a necessary element of the City's street network. A network of streets that are designed to accommodate all modes of transportation is essential to providing mode choice, connectivity and safe access. The context of the neighborhood should be incorporated into the design considerations of streets and other corridors.

Century V Plan

  1. Mobility Goal
  2. Bicycle & Pedestrian Mobility
  3. Recommendations
  4. Streets
  5. Street Design
  6. Street Recommendations

Seek to offer as many choices for mobility in the City as possible, from modes to routes