Complete Streets

Complete Streets Resolution

In 2008 Charleston City Council passed a Complete Streets Resolution (PDF) geared toward creating a network of streets that allows all modes of transportation including bicycle, pedestrian and public transit and automobile.

Complete Street Defined

This is the popular term for the provision of all modes of transportation in a public thoroughfare that is part of a well-connected transportation network. It is really a planning term that had come to be used to quickly to get the point across and is becoming part of a language that traffic engineers, planners and the public all speak to understand each other.

Complete Street Items

This can vary depending on the type and purpose of a thoroughfare, but the key is to make sure there are considerations for all modes…

  • A complete street can have all these elements, but sometimes only a few distinct elements are needed as part of a street system
  • A complete street includes provisions for the accommodations of pedestrians, including persons with disabilities, bicycles, public transportation and automobiles
  • Many people would consider a true complete street to have:
    • Automobile lanes
    • Bike lanes
    • Crosswalks
    • Parking
    • Public transit stops
    • Sidewalks
  • A slow, neighborhood street might only have sidewalks, but still be able to accommodate bicycles in the roadway because the design speeds are low enough to allow safe access


The City has lead the way in completing projects aimed at more connectivity and access for bicycles and pedestrians.