Forest Acres Drainage Improvement Project

Project Overview

Due to its location and topography, the Forest Acres drainage basin and, to a lesser extent, the 5th Avenue drainage basin experience flooding during heavy or repeated moderate rain events. The flooding has come into homes causing extensive damage and creating dangerous conditions within the neighborhoods for drivers and pedestrians. The Forest Acres drainage basin was previously served by a stormwater pump station that was outdated, outmoded, and undersized.

Phase 1 was completed in 2018 and included: 

  • Removal of the stormwater pump station 
  • Implementation of a gravity system consisting of stormwater channels and dual box culverts along the West Ashley Bikeway. 

Phase 1 extended from Playground Road, under Magnolia Road, under St. Andrews Boulevard, and under 5th Avenue to its outfall into Oldtown Creek. This system offers the same level of protection to the properties in the drainage basin as a modern pumped system would but has the added benefit of not relying on electric power. Therefore, if power is lost during a rain event, the system will continue to drain under the force of gravity.

Phase 2  is currently in the construction stage:

Phase 2 begins at the West Ashley Bikeway (at the end of Phase 1 near the location of the removed pump station) and extends north parallel to Playground Road, then west across Playground Road at Fifth Avenue. Phase 2 then proceeds northwest of Playground Road along the St. Andrews Parks and Playground property (paralleling Playground Road) and extends nearly to Ashley River Road. 

This phase of the project will improve the existing channel between the Palmilla Apartments and the North Forest Acres neighborhood. 

The proposed improvements consist of: 

  • Upgrades to the existing open channel
  • Installation of large diameter box culverts
  • The installation of new, piped drainage systems along Playground Road and Brookwood Circle.

Phase 2A will be substantially complete by October 2023 and Phase 2B is expected to be completed in May 2024.