Fire Sprinklers Save Money

There are some builders and commercial property owners who may hesitate to install fire sprinklers because of concerns over cost. But fire sprinklers can actually save you money. 

  • Fire Damage - This is the most obvious reason, but with good cause: fire can cost you millions of dollars in damages, and loss of business and stock. The statistics show that commercial fire sprinklers can cut your damage costs by about 90%, on average. One fire; and your sprinklers could pay for themselves.
  • Property Damage - Many people believe commercial fire sprinklers cause water damage to property. Actually, fire-related property damage is often 10 times worse without them.
  • Insurance - If you install commercial fire sprinklers in your buildings, your insurance company may offer a discount; often from 10% to 65%, depending on the type of building.
  • Water - Commercial fire sprinklers use so much less water than firefighters need to extinguish a fire. This can reduce the need to expand a water supply that's already there, saving you serious money.