How and when do I apply?

The Charleston Fire Department recruits for Firefighter approximately once per year. This varies depending on hiring needs. The only means of applying is online. To apply, go to the Employment page and search for Firefighter Trainee.

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1. If I have a valid EMT or Paramedic certification in another state, will I need to be certified through the State of South Carolina?
2. I don’t live in Charleston. Can I still apply?
3. Do veterans receives preference points?
4. How and when do I apply?
5. What does the application process consist of?
6. What's involved in the hiring process?
7. What is the minimum age for applicants?
8. I was a firefighter somewhere else. Do I have to take the written exam, and/or do I have to attend the fire academy?
9. How can I obtain the study guide?
10. Can the TEAS test be taken at another time?
11. What should I bring to the written exam?
12. Will I need identification at the TEAS test?
13. Do I have to be a high school graduate or have a GED?
14. I have a relative working for the City of Charleston, can I still apply?
15. Do I have to be a citizen of the United States?
16. Will I need a copy of my birth certificate when I turn in my application?
17. Will I need a copy of my military discharge orders (Form DD214) when I turn in my application?
18. What if I have a police record?
19. What is the maximum age for applicants?