Home Occupation

A home occupation is an occupation, profession, or trade that is conducted within a dwelling by the resident of that dwelling.

Incidental & Subordinate to the Residential Use

Home occupations must be incidental and subordinate to the residential use, cannot constitute a nuisance or adversely affect adjoining properties, and must meet requirements listed on the Home Occupation Application (PDF).

Approval of a Home Occupation

Approval of a home occupation remains in effect as long as you remain at the same location and meet all of the conditions set forth in the City's Zoning Ordinance, Section 54-211. Should you move and relocate within the City of Charleston, you will be required to reapply for home occupation approval.

Revoking of Home Occupation

Home Occupation approval can be revoked if it is found that any of the conditions of the Home Occupation requirements are being violated.

Approval Process

  1. Complete and submit an original Home Occupation Application to the Revenue Collections - Business License Division. Forms may be submitted via hand delivery or by mail to:
    Revenue Collections
    2 George Street
    Charleston, SC 29401
  2. The Business License Division will process the application and verify zoning, fire, and building code approvals.
  3. Once all approvals have been received, the Business License Division will complete the general information on a Business License Application and return the application to the applicant.
  4. Applicant must sign the Business License Application and submit the original application and the appropriate business license fees to the Business License Division.