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Support a More Resilient Charleston: Get Involved!

Citizens and businesses play a critical role in managing the challenges of flooding and extreme weather.  We are all part of the solution. Take a proactive approach to reduce flooding around your home, business and neighborhood.  

  1. Adopt a Drain
  2. Plant Trees
  3. Capture Rainwater
  4. Maintain a Clean Yard
  5. Limit Impervious Surfaces

Adopt-A-Drain ProgramLeaves partially over storm inlet

Consider adopting a drain in your neighborhood, it's a great way to show neighborhood pride and responsibility!

This program helps to ensure neighborhood drainage systems work as efficiently as possible by keeping the surface of drains clear of leaves and litter debris blockages, which simultaneously protects water quality.   

Learn more about the program and Adopt-A-Drain today!

  1. Be Tide Aware
  2. Make a Plan
  3. Purchase Flood Insurance
  4. Report Damage

Be Flood, Tide & Weather Awaretide-eye on phone screen

Flooding can quickly become dangerous under extreme circumstances. Knowing the weather and high tides and planning accordingly can help prevent you and your family from being caught in traffic from flooded roadways and intersections.

Learn more about tides.

Tide Eye

Check out a new tool the City is piloting and testing called Tide Eye. It monitors real-time tide and wind speeds to see the next several forecasted tides. It's mobile friendly, "add it to your homescreen"! 

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