Executive Department

The Executive Department oversees the work and activities of City government and manages services that aid and represent the citizens of Charleston, the Mayor, City Council and City Departments.

Mayor Cogswell's Focus

The Mayor continues to focus on the major issues that impact the citizens of Charleston. Priorities of the Executive Department include:

  • Smart Growth and Prosperous Preservation: We must proactively plan for where and how we grow. Infrastructure should come before development happens, so it does not negatively affect our residents. We will grow smarter, more efficiently, and sustainably to preserve our national dignity and prevent pricing residents out of their homes.Flooding and Infrastructure: We are committed to finding Charleston solutions for Charleston problems. Exploring an elevated edge around the peninsula to solve flooding issues and addressing infrastructure challenges with innovative, analytical, and pragmatic plans for the entire city: West Ashley, Downtown, Johns Island, James Island and Daniel Island.

  • Traffic: Charleston has traffic problems. We need to work aggressively and quickly to find funding to alleviate gridlock traffic that affects residents every day. We will foster strong relationships with our local, state and federal delegations to ensure improving our infrastructure is a top priority.  Efficiency, timing, and common sense will alleviate congestion and improve commute times.

  • Crime and Safety: Working closely with one of the best law enforcement teams in the country, the safety of every resident, regardless of background, is our first concern. We will enforce our laws on the books to protect our citizens while fostering strong relationships between the Charleston Police Department and our community.

  • Putting Residents First: Our citizens deserve the very best from their local government. While we welcome over seven million visitors every year, the people who call this place home will always be my first priority.