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Sustainability and the success of a climate action plan depends on whether a critical mass of citizens and businesses understand and actively implement action items in the plan. It is in everyone's best interest to increase our collective understanding of climate protection, sustainable living practices, and what each person can do to make a difference. 

We are all part of the solution. Take a proactive approach to be sustainable around your home, business and neighborhood.

  1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  2. Use Less Single-Use Plastics

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Be aware of the energy you consume and seek opportunities to lower the pollution of CO2 emissions and enhance health and livability, some ideas include:

  • Reduce Energy Use (Home and Office): Reducing energy consumption also includes ensuring energy use is as efficient as possible. Eric riding a bike in downtown Charleston Opens in new windowConsider upgrading lights, windows, and appliances to energy efficient models.  A programmable thermostat can save energy when you are not home. Also remember energy escapes through air leaks and poor insulation which degrades over time. Reduce drafts and air leaks with caulk, insulation and weather stripping, common areas needing attention over time include attics and windows.  
  • Seek Energy Efficiency Programs, such as:  
  • Walk, Bike, and use Transit: Consider alternatives to driving like walking, biking or taking transit as able. You can also consider driving a low carbon or electric vehicle.raised-bed-logs
  • Choose Local Food: The production and transportation of food contributes greenhouse gas emissions to our atmosphere. Seek to buy food that is locally grown and food that doesn't require heavy pesticides (i.e. organic) or heavy energy intensity to produce (i.e. many meats, like beef). Seek ways to add more local organic vegetables to your diet which require the least amount of energy.
  • compost, recycle, trash photo from VerdeReuse and Recycle: The production of goods is an energy intensive process, from the extraction of resources, to manufacturing, to transportation and ultimate disposal. Consider reusing or selling items you no longer need, buying used items, and recycling items as possible.
  • Reduce Water Use: Water requires energy to pump, treat and heat. Use only what you need and consider installing water-efficient faucets, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines.

  1. Plant Trees
  2. Implement Green Infrastructure
  3. Limit Use of Impervious Surfaces

Plant Trees & Conserve Treestree in Charleston

Trees provide incredible and cost effective flood-mitigating benefits including absorbing, deflecting and purifying stormwater. 

Trees also offer many other benefits such as providing shade to manage extreme heat and lower utility bills.

Learn more about how to plant trees.

Learn more about green infrastructure and how it can make Charleston more resilient.

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