Historic Preservation

Historic Buildings

Pink Historic House PreservedThis is one of Charleston's oldest homes, built around 1700.

Historic buildings are inherently sustainable. While it can be challenging, modern sustainability efforts can and are being integrated with historic preservation.

Board of Architectural Review (BAR)

Our preservation ethics and Board of Architectural Review (BAR) work to protect the embodied energy that it took for the construction of the our many historic properties.  In recent years, the board has created guidelines for elevating historic structures to reduce risk to flooding.  In 2021, the board approved a policy statement to encourage and support the design of renewable energy on historic properties.

Learn more about the Board of Architectural Review.

15 Legare St historic home from Historic Charleston Foundation

Charleston has a long history preserving buildings, this home on Legare Street was built in 1772 and has been preserved beautifully for hundreds of years. A primary energy efficient feature of this classic single house is the south-facing piazzas that reduce solar load and help to channel the breeze.