A Safer Charleston

Your Charleston Fire Department strives to build a safer Charleston through fire & life safety education.  The information below and in the left margin is provided to assist you on common topic areas, hazards, and educating those around you to reduce hazards in our community.  

The 2022 Fire Prevention Week Theme was:

Fire won't wait. Plan Your Escape Fire Prevention Week Graphic - SpanishFire Prevention Week Graphic - English

The campaign, “Fire won’t wait. Plan your escape™”, works to educate everyone about simple but important actions they can take to keep themselves and those around them safe from home fires.  Today’s homes burn faster than ever. You may have as little as two minutes (or even less time) to safely escape a home fire from the time the smoke alarm sounds. Your ability to get out of a home during a fire depends on early warning from smoke alarms and advance planning. 

Learn more about the annual Fire Prevention Week themes and information at www.nfpa.org/fpw

Additional resources by topic are located in the left margin.