Virtual Elementary School

  1. 3rd Grade
  2. 1st & 2nd Grade
  3. 4th Grade
  4. 5th & 6th Grade

The Charleston Fire Department strives to meet with all 3rd grade students in the City each year to provide the necessary fire safety education to improve student safety at school, home, and to carry effective safety messages to their families.  Additionally, this program will assist teachers in meeting their SC Grade Level guidelines for the delivery of Health and Safety information.

Due to health precautions this year, we have increased our virtual content to continue promoting fire safety while providing resources to teachers.  We have two options for 3rd grade teachers:

  • Option 1: Prerecorded content:
    1. Utilize our prerecorded video segment (15 mins) during a group meeting or as an assignment. (pending video upload)
    2. Complete one school feedback form for the class. 
  • Option 2: Virtual "live" presentation:
    1. Schedule a virtual meeting (25 mins) with our team and we will join you via Zoom or Teams at a predetermined time to deliver our program.  Visit Sign Up Genius to secure your time slot.  We will follow up to confirm your slot and provide a virtual meeting link.  (Pending signup genius link)
    2. Complete one school feedback form for the class.

Additional resources to utilize with classroom or virtual assignments: