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Interactive Map of Garbage Collection Areas

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City of Charleston Contracts with Trident Waste to Augment Collection Efforts in Response to Unusually Large Trash Volumes

In order to ensure timely collection, the city has contracted with Trident Waste to augment city trash pickup efforts through the end of next week, as trash volumes continue to run well ahead of last year’s numbers.

 For perspective: From January through the end of May of this year, the city has collected more than a million additional pounds of trash compared to the same period in 2021, forcing each crew to collect an average additional volume of 177,666 pounds.

 City sanitation officials expect all trash collection to be fully back on schedule by the end of this week.

“We’re committed to ensuring that trash is collected on time and in full here in the city,” Superintendent of Environmental Services Matt Alltop said. “With Trident’s temporary assistance, we believe we’ll be able to deal with these unusually high volumes until a long-term solution can be put in place.” 

Collection During COVID-19

Garbage collection (items inside of green carts) will continue on schedule. Citizens are reminded that cardboard and other items that are not inside the green garbage cart will not be collected for the safety of the crews. This change is consistent with Charleston County and other area municipalities in an effort to limit employees’ potential exposure to COVID-19. Any excess items that do not fit in the garbage cart can be taken to a Charleston County Convenience Center: https://www.charlestoncounty.org/departments/environmental-management/recycle-locations.php.

Please see the City of Charleston’s Coronavirus Disease 2019 Website for the latest updates.

About the Division

The Environmental Services Division is responsible for maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment for residents and visitors of the City of Charleston. This division is responsible for the collection of refuse, street sweeping, and enforcement of related environmental codes adopted by the City Council.

Services include:

Access the Residential Garbage and Trash Collection Flyer - Important Information Regarding Collection Policies and Procedures (PDF).

Please see our COVID 19 Guidelines for Residents.  

New Bulk Collection Day for Carolina Waste Customers (Outside I-526)

Bulk pickup will be on the same day as garbage pickup. This will go into effect on Monday, March 18th. View the Bulk Collection Day Change for Carolina Waste Customers (PDF).