Street Sweeping

About the Services

 There are two street sweeping programs in Charleston: the unregulated street sweeping program, and the Alternate Side & Signed Street Sweeping Program

What is the unregulated street sweeping program?

The street sweeping trucks use regenerative air sweepers to clean eligible streets.  Street sweeping occurs through eligible City streets on a rotation. This schedule may be impacted by rain or flooding events, in which case the sweepers are directed to areas of the City most severely impacted by these events. View the Schedule /Map - Peninsula (PDF).

Residents do not have to move their vehicles for the unregulated street sweeping program. 

Which streets get unregulated street sweeping service?

Eligible streets generally have curbs and are wide enough for the sweeper to fit down. 

Not all streets receive service. Some streets are too narrow, and some do not have curbs for the sweepers to bump up against. 

How do the street sweeping trucks work?

The trucks each have two engines, one for driving and the other to operate sweeping system. Two side brooms spin the debris under vehicle, where it hits a center brush that then pushes the debris toward a rear broom. The rear brooms rotates upward toward a conveyor that collects everything. 

How do I request unregulated street sweeping service to my street?

You can request service via the Citizen Services Desk!