Special Victims Unit

Special Victims Unit

The Special Victims Unit (SVU) consist of one supervisor, one Domestic Violence Detective and four Detectives who are tasked with investigating Criminal Sexual Assaults, Missing Persons and Juvenile Crimes. The Victim's Advocacy Unit consists of four civilian Victim Advocates.

Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC)

SVU investigators are assigned all CSC cases.

Missing Persons

The SVU investigates all Missing Persons to include runaways, missing juveniles, and missing adults.

Domestic Violence

The state defines domestic violence as causing physical harm or injury to a person's own household member. 

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking can involve sex trafficking, forced labor or services, or involuntary servitude. Detectives work with local, state partners and Federal partners to investigate these cases.

Child Abuse

SVU investigates incidents involving a child being abused by a parent or guardian. The also investigate cases of children being abused by caregivers. During these investigation detectives work with social service agencies.

Vulnerable Adult Abuse

SVU investigates incidents involving the abuse of vulnerable adults. This type of abuse includes financial, psychological, neglect and physical abuse.

Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC)

The ICAC Detective is responsible for investigating the sexual exploitation of children via the Internet and is a member of the South Carolina Attorney General's ICAC Task Force.

Family Violence Unit

The staff within the Family Violence Unit are responsible for assisting crime victims to determine how to best assist them. They provide direct victim services and serve as their liaison with social service agencies as well as navigating victims through the court process.


  1. Yolanda Brown

    Sergeant - Special Victim Units

  2. Catrice Smalls

    Victim Service Coordinator