James Island

Many James Island residents are eligible to join the City of Charleston and receive more services and better quality services at a competitive tax rate. To see if your property is eligible, email us.


Top Reasons James Islanders Chose the City

City Limits

Over 18,000 James Islanders are already in the City limits, and many neighborhoods want to come under the same jurisdiction by annexing.


The City of Charleston has the largest police force in South Carolina. The City’s 400+ police force has dedicated Team 3 to James and Johns Island with over 40 patrol officers, as well as:

  • CSI
  • Special units responding 24/7 to City citizens’ needs
  • SWAT
  • Traffic
  • Underwater Recovery Unit
  • Victim Services


City residents receive discounts on sports, golf, pool passes, summer camp, and more! Almost all recreation facilities on JI are City-run, and only City residents receive discounted city rates. If you or your kids play in our rec leagues anywhere in the city then you pay more as a non-City resident. 


The City has an extensive storm water maintenance program. Our Department of Public Service cleans, cuts, and mows over 20 miles of drainage ditches collectively around the island, and will add to that as properties are annexed. We maintain and repair city roads and are proud to have a successful 48 hour pothole repair guarantee.

Fiscally Sound & Transparent Budget

The City has a fiscally sound government with a transparent budget that can be viewed online by anyone. The City has the highest bond rating of any city in South Carolina.

Vote For Your Choices

You can only vote in City elections if you’re a citizen, which means you can choose the mayor and council members, and have a say in things like taxes, zoning, or new business laws. If you want a voice among the other 18,000+ James Islanders in the City, become a City citizen.


The City’s taxes are very competitive with James Island PSD tax rates. It may be cheaper for you to be in the city, but it depends on how much your home is worth, what type of property it is, or whether you get certain property tax credits. We are happy to provide tax comparisons. Call 724-3774 or email us.

Other Services

Housing Repair and Roofing Assistance

The City’s popular loan program gives low interest loans and deferred non-repayable loans for new roofs and lead base paint inspections for homeowners that meet requirements and the income /age limits.