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    The City of Charleston is offering an online portal for renewal of business licenses. To protect confidential information contained in business license applications, we are requiring all applicants to review, sign, and submit this Authorization Form before we can approve their on-line registration. This will protect both the City and the business from releasing confidential information contained in business records to unauthorized persons or entities. This form must be signed by the license holder or by someone who is authorized to sign for the business.

  2. By signing below, I am authorized to renew the business license on behalf of the following business(es). If additional Businesses OR Representatives are to be authorized, please submit an additional online form.
  3. Authorization*
    It is my responsibility to notify the City of Charleston immediately (by fax to 843-720-3954, or in person at the Revenue Division office, 2 George Street, Charleston, SC) after an authorized individual leaves the company so their access to company business license records can be terminated. I understand that until their rights are terminated, the person(s) listed above will continue to have the ability through the online portal to access detailed business information. I further understand that under South Carolina law, financial information provided by the license holder in a business license is confidential and cannot be released to unauthorized persons except in accordance with a proper judicial order or as otherwise provided by the Freedom of Information Act. I agree to bear full responsibility for any release of information to unauthorized persons to include paying for any penalties or fines that may incur and further agree to indemnify the City of Charleston for the disclosure of confidential business information to unauthorized persons.
  4. NOTE
    Upon completion of the form and clicking the "Submit" button, you will be redirected to the "Registration" page of the CAP site to initiate that process if you are ready.
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