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Residential Rental Registration Pilot Program

  1. City of Charleston Seal
  2. Residential Rental Registration Program

    Department of Livability & Tourism 

    75 Calhoun Street, Suite 3400 


  3. Beginning the Application Process
    1. Please take a few minutes to review the application before beginning to be sure that you have all of the required information. If you create an account (located on the top right of this page), you will be able to save any incomplete applications and come back to them at a later time. Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  4. New Application or Renewal*
  5. Rental Property Information

    Location information of the rental property to be registered.  One application may be submitted for all units on a single TMS (Tax Map Sequence) number.

  6. Property Owner Contact Information

    Applicants must submit contact information for the property owner or a member of the LLC.

  7. Registration Requirements

    Residential rental units shall not be registered to a landlord who does not reside within a thirty (30) mile radius of the City of Charleston, unless a responsible local representative who resides or has an office within a thirty (30) mile radius of the City of Charleston is designated by the landlord in its registration application.  

  8. Service or Emergency Contact

    For every registered rental unit, the landlord or its agent must be able to service tenant and emergency calls within a reasonable time upon dispatch.

  9. Professional Management Company*

    Do you have a professional management company or other responsible local representative?

  10. Rental Unit Information
  11. Owners of five (5) or more registered residential rental units shall also be required to obtain a business license.

  12. How many rental units are located at this TMS?*
  13. Multiple Units

    Multiple units  located at the same TMS can be requested on one application when they are owned or managed by the same landlord.

  14. If you have more than eight residential rental units in the Cannonborough-Elliottborough neighborhood, please upload a list of the addresses and unit numbers.

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