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West Ashley Classes

Bees Landing Recreation Center Monthly Fitness Calendar (West Ashley) (PDF)

Kripalu Gentle Yoga 

This class is designed to gently work the body to relax, increase flexibility and strength, calm the mind, and increase the ability to focus. This is an excellent class for beginners. It does not flow and modifications are offered. 

Bees Landing Recreation CenterTuesday & Thursday10:00am-11:30am15+$5/class

Zumba Fitness Toning

This high-energy and dynamic class is a fusion of Zumba and Zumba Toning. It will focus on a mix of classical Zumba dance moves and Zumba toning to add some strength and resistance. It is a perfect blend of fitness and fun. 

Bees Landing Recreation CenterSaturday9:00am-10:00am15+$5/class

Zumba Gold

Join us for a class incorporating exciting Latin and other dance rhythms designed for the active older adult, the beginner participant and other special populations. 

Bees Landing Recreation CenterMonday, Wednesday & Friday9:30am-10:30am15+$5/class

Tai Chi Gung

Tai Chi Gung was brought to us from Master Lama Rasaji, one of only 12 living Master Lamas on the planet and spokesperson from the oldest Lamasery in Tibet where Tai Chi Gung was kept secret and sacred for 3300 years! This is a gift from the Circle of Life for restoring life, light and love back into our bodies and out to the world. 

Bees Landing Recreation CenterMondays & Wednesdays12:30pm-1:30pm15+$5/class

Yoga with Katelyn

Join us on Tuesday evenings for a little more challenging Yoga class with Katelyn.  All levels are welcome. 

Bees Landing Recreation CenterTuesdays7:00pm-8:00pm15+$10/class

FitCamp with Angie

What you'll gain: Mobility-the ability to move your body better. Stability-from core strength to balance and everything in between. Increased flexibility. Cardiorespiratory endurance. Confidence and strength. Suitable for ALL levels!

Bees Landing Recreation CenterMondays & Wednesdays6-7pm15+$5/class


Pickleball is a popular sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. 

Bees Landing Recreation CenterMonday, Wednesday & Friday10:30am-12:30pm18+$2/resident

Open Gym  

Times vary depending on the season. Call ahead or check online for available times and closures. Yearly memberships are available at AWCCC, BLRC, and JIRC. Valid identification is required at the time of purchase. Children 12 and under need to be accompanied by an adult. 


Bees Landing Recreation CenterSchedule12+$5/day