Operation Neighborhood

Thank you to everyone who made Operation Neighborhood in Dunmovin such a success!

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Operation Neighborhood is a revived inter-departmental program that seeks to engage City staff and residents during scheduled quarterly neighborhood clean-up events.   City staff from Neighborhood Services, Keep Charleston Beautiful, Livability, Public Service, Charleston Fire Department and the Mayor's Office meet onsite prior to the event and conduct a visual inspection of the neighborhood, looking for issues like litter, bulk trash, beautification needs, drainage issues, and lighting issues.  Once issues have been identified, staff work to address those issues prior to the clean-up day. 

On the day of the clean-up, City staff gather with residents in the neighborhood at a prearranged spot and collect litter. According to the needs of the neighborhood, City staff may also remove bulk trash,  clear vegetation in drainage ditches, and plant trees. 

Neighborhood Associations or individuals can request a clean-up day. If you would like Operation Neighborhood to schedule a clean-up day in your neighborhood, please fill out this form.

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