Committees and Commissions

A number of groups assist Housing and Community Development staff with making decisions related to awarding program funds, program implementation and other related responsibilities.

Community Development Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee consists of nine citizens, two City Council members, representing minorities, the elderly, handicapped, and low and moderate-income groups as well as residents of program target areas. The committee assists in directing the planning and implementation of the City's Housing and Community Development programs. They also play a critical role in awarding Housing and Community Development funds to eligible and competent organizations to carry out goals outlined in the Consolidated Plan.

Community Development Committee of City Council

The Community Development Committee consists of six members of Charleston City Council and the Mayor. Their responsibility involves making recommendations to the full Council on matters pertaining to land use and development policy, municipal planning and comprehensive development planning services, urban and neighborhood redevelopment services and economic development services.

Redevelopment & Preservation Commission (RPC)

The Redevelopment and Preservation Commission is comprised of 12 members, consisting of the Mayor and the 11 professional and community members. The commission advises the Mayor, City Council, and the Department of Housing and Community Development staff of appropriate goals and objectives in implementing redevelopment and preservation activities on behalf of the City of Charleston. The purpose of the redevelopment and preservation program is to assist residents in designated target area with financial assistance to renovate and rehabilitate their homes.

Homeownership Initiative Commission (HIC)

The Homeownership Initiative Commission (HIC) is a nine-member municipal body appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council. The HIC advises the Mayor, City Council and the Department of Housing and Community Development as to appropriate policies and procedures for implementing the City of Charleston's Homeownership Initiative (HI) Program.