Floodplain Development

All new or substantially improved buildings in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) require local permits and an Elevation Certificate. Elevation and Engineering Certificates can be submitted to Building Inspections. Other permits or certificates may also be required and are issued through the Permit Center.

Elevation Certificate

  • Must be completed by a South Carolina licensed land surveyor or engineer
  • FEMA 81-31 Elevation Certificate form must be used

Engineering Certifications are required for the following, if applicable:

  • Engineered flood vents (enclosed space below the Base Flood Elevation in A zones)
  • Break-away walls (enclosed space below the Base Flood Elevation in V zones)
  • Dry flood-proofing (Non-residential)
  • Anchored (pile or column) foundation 

Substantial Damage and Cumulative Substantial Improvement:

  • Structures which are damaged, due to any cause, by 50% or more of the building's value are required to be brought to compliance with the most current City floodplain requirements.
  • Structures that undergo a cumulative improvement cost of 50% or more of the building's value over the past 5 years (such as a home renovation) must be in compliance with current City floodplain management requirements.
  • Property owners undergoing substantial damage or a substantial improvement project should see the resources below. The Substantial Improvement Package must be completed and returned before project completion.


Illegal floodplain development should be reported to Building Inspections

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