Damage Reporting

Damage Assessment data aggregated by county can demonstrate a county's need for a Presidential Disaster Declaration, which would allow emergency funds from FEMA Individual Assistance (IA), FEMA Public Assistance (PA) and Small Business Administration (SBA) loans to become available. Reporting damages to the City of Charleston or other respective jurisdiction helps us to ensure that all damages are documented and collect homeowners' contact information to provide subsequent recovery updates

Building damages in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) or regulated floodplain will be assessed for Substantial Damages. Substantial Damage Determinations can be used to receive assistance in the form of an Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) payment or flood mitigation grant.  Reporting flooding and damages also helps the City make data-informed decisions to better serve our residents, such as helping to identify flood prone areas that may need infrastructure upgrades or maintenance, as an example.

If you find damage on your property due to flooding or other storm events, please report it here: 

Online Damage Reporting: gis.charleston-sc.gov/report-damage


Citizen Services Center: 843-724-7311

Damage Assessments: 

The City performs damage assessments following major storms and widespread damage events to determine the extent of damaged building and to identify unsafe structures.

The City’s damage assessments are independent of insurance adjustments, and you should contact your insurance provider to make insurance claims.

Building Permits:

A building permit is required for repairs of damage. All applicable permits must be obtained before repair work is completed.

Contact the Permit Center to determine what building permits you will need:


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