Stormwater Maintenance


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A Community Effort- Each of us can reduce or prevent flooding in our own way. Join the Initiative

Within a few short steps from your home or business, a storm drain is likely in need of your support.  Anyone can adopt!  Individuals, families, businesses, schools, and organizations of all types such as churches, clubs and sports teams, who feel they can effectively and reasonably monitor a drain.

Benefits of Adopting a Storm Drain

  • Help Reduce or Prevent Flooding
    Clogged storm drain inlets can cause or worsen flooding. Keeping drains free of debris will help water drain properly.
  • Help Protect Our Waterways from Pollution 
    Stormwater flows to waterways untreated and is the #1 contributor of pollution to our waters.  By keeping litter and pollutants out of storm drains you are helping protect the area’s water bodies.
  • Help Keep Your Neighborhood Clean and Free of Litter
    Set a positive example by being an active steward of your neighborhood.

All illegal discharge (dumping of debris, trash, or wastewater) into the stormwater system should be reported to the Citizens Services Center.

Contact Us

Caroline Schnell

Floodplain Manager
Phone: 843-579-6481

Sarah Mardon

Floodplain Management Technician
Phone: 843-579-6471

Kinsey Holton, CFM 

Stormwater Regulatory Practice Leader
Phone: 843-724-3757