Johns Island Restoration Plan to Improve Flood Resilience


The City conducted a stormwater and resiliency masterplan evaluating potential improvements to benefit within the John’s Island growth boundary. The masterplan was funded in part by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF). The masterplan identifies potential ecosystem restoration projects, and identify existing key drainage and natural assets for preservation, and provide guidance on how to best implement the recommendations. The report was finalized on December 2021.

Community Coordination

As part of this effort, the project team actively collaborated with members of the community and formed a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) comprised of academic institutions, local and state agencies, local technical experts, community leaders, and private industry representatives. Coordination with the TAG and their feedback helped develop the recommendations in the final report. In addition to the TAG, a general public virtual public outreach meeting was held on June 17, 2021, and received feedback from the public to help inform the project team.

Report Findings

The project report identifies potential nature base solution projects. Those areas are:

  • Penny’s Creek Tributary Basin
  • Church Creek (John’s Island) Tributary Basin
  • Church Creek (John’s Island) Headwaters Basin

In addition to the identified projects, the report recommends implementing a preservation policy and identifies potential private sector funding opportunities. Those recommendations include implementing a riparian buffer for streams/drainage paths serving greater than 100 Acres and exploring the implementation of wetland and stream mitigation credits on the island.

The Johns Island Restoration Plan to Improve Flood Resiliency Final Report is available to be viewed. 

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