Medical District Drainage Tunnel Extension at Ehrhardt Street

  1. Project Overview

About the Project

The Charleston Medical District is home to three major medical centers: MUSC, VA, and Roper Hospital. Together, this includes the premier medical university of the region, the region’s only Children’s Hospital, and the Veterans Administration.Ehrhardt 2

The Medical District is increasingly threatened by repetitive flooding. Major storm events hit Charleston multiple times every year affecting access to essential medical care, including emergency vehicle access to the Medical District. When operations are interrupted, it has a dramatic impact on the public health and safety for employees, patients, visitors, and residents of the area. Without intervention, the delivery of healthcare itself is at risk.

The Ehrhardt Project will construct a deep tunnel extension and drop shaft to drain the street level stormwater collection system into the deep tunnel and pump systems of the US-17/Spring-Fishburne Project. The City is currently constructing the US-17/Spring-Fishburne project and is expecting to begin the Medical District Drainage Tunnel Extension at Ehrhardt Street project in early 2022.

  1. Steven A. Kirk, PE

    Project Management Practice Leader

  2. Robin Kidd

    Stormwater Outreach Coordinator

More Information

 Curious as to how deep tunnels work? Check out the US-17/Spring-Fishburne Deep Tunnel Drainage Improvement Project website for more information.

Ehrhardt Quick Facts

Alert: Funding Approval

The City of Charleston has received federal funding from the South Carolina Disaster Recovery Division for the Medical District drainage improvement project. The funding is part of the Community Development Block Grant Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) funding. The funding allocated under the grant is $9,964,190 with a matching commitment from the city of $4,245,646.

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